NIOS DELED SBA Front Cover Page Download – Beautiful SBA Cover Page Download NIOS DELED

NIOS DELED SBA front cover page download, Beautiful SBA cover page download NIOS DELED – Hello viewers, always update you latest information related to NIOS DELED Course. We Already provide you Solved assignments course 504 505 and How to prepare nios deled Case Study SBA. In this article we are going to provide you NIOS deled sba front cover page download link. Before you prepare Sba cover page nios deled, let’s discuss little bit about NIOS deled Sba (School base activities). 

Nios deled sba front cover page download

NIOS Deled sba cover page download :

After Successful Complete nios deled sba, case study, you need design it Beautifully by adding a beautiful sba front page for it. You don’t need go anywhere or spending money money nios deled sba cover page. Because in this article we are going to provide some attractive Nios deled sba cover page download link. But before that let’s discuss little bit about NIOS deled Sba (School base activities).

About NIOS DELED SBA (School base activities) :

SBA (School base activities) are some kind of practical works which are Compulsory for all Untrained teachers of nios deled. The practical activities are commonly accepted as backbone of any personal Programme. In the absence of practical activities, Teachers Education Programmes May prove a Futile Exercis.

Types of sba. School basese Activities are already start which you have to perform in your schools. Teachers will get 120 hrs study time for school base activities.

1. Information about Case Study of a child :

In the Elementary level school there are many problems among students. As for example_ Some students are physically and mentally disabled, Irregular in schools, some students are Dissension with other, isolated students, bad handwriting etc.

Teachers will have to study the case of the students which we mentioned above and have to prepare a file and submit it to the study centre.

You will get 1 Credit (30 study hours) for case study of a child to perform this most important practical work.

2. Maintenance of School/class records/register :

Teachers will have to maintenance of school/class/register in their own school. It’s a very simple process, you will get 1.5 credit (45 hrs study time) you just have to prepared documentation contain following records_

  • Progress report of students.
  • Prepare lesson plan and notes.
  • Maintenance of class schedule.
  • Preparation of library /laboratory and sports activity record for students.

3. Contribution to school programmes:

In every year school are conduct different types of programs related to school. Teachers will have maintaine records for all those events, we mention below -_

  • Organize morning assembly and prepare records.
  • PTA/MTA/SMC committee proceedings.
  • Organize school festivals.
  • Organization of sports and annual day events.
  • Organization of field visit.

In the whole activities your school principal will be the Mentor or Supervisor.

Nios Deled Sba cover page download

NIOS DELED SBA front cover page download PDF File :

After Preparing NIOS deled SBA, Case study now it’s time to give your hard work into a beautiful shape By a attractive front cover page. Before you submit School base activities in your study center, the following information should appear on your SBA cover page download. Nios deled sba front cover page details_

Title of Practical program

→ Your name

→Your address 

→ Student ID number

→ Name of School / College / Study-center

→ Unit name

→ Date of submission

And the above details should be appear in the front page like this_

Study Centre ………………….

Study center code……….
Course Title……………………..
Course Code…………………….
Study center address……..

Enrol. No. ………….

Download nios deled sba cover page

NIOS Deled sba cover page download :

A Beautiful Front cover page of NIOS deled school base activities may attract your monitor or co-ordinator. It’s also could make a better impression and good mark. So, we’ll feel glad to provide you some prepared  sba front cover page.

NIOS DELED SBA front cover page download link :

Nios Deled Front Cover Page in Hindi

Nios Deled Front Cover Page in English

NIOS DELED sba cover page, sba front page sample 

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